How to Find a Talents Agency

Hiring a talents agency is important for any aspiring musician, actor, model or other such entertainers. The agency will help you to find more and better jobs, to rise in the field. It will also perform important paperwork like contracts. Finding such agency can be difficult. But, if you keep some facts in mind, you will be able to find a good one. In this article, I will share with you some tips about how to find a talents agency.


Talents Agency

A talents agency will represent you. It will work as an intermediary between you and the people willing to book you. It will help to get you in your desired project. As its work is commission based, it will not get paid until you do. Once you get booked in your project, it will work on your contracts and terms for that project. Thus, it will ensure your right, your safety, and proper payment.

How to Find a Talents Agency     

Below are some tips for you to find a good talents agency.

Determine the Type of Agency you Want

There are different agencies that specialize in different things. Some cast only in TV commercials, some work in modeling, some in cinemas, some in music. You need to choose agencies that specialize in your chosen field/fields.

Visit their Website

Read about the agency’s history. Find out how long they have been in business, where are their offices etc. Some of these websites have sections spotlighting their clients. See if all these clients are at a similar place. Many websites also have a section providing a list of their recent bookings.

Find out their Union and Organization Affiliations

If you are an actor, check if your agency is SAG-AFTRA franchised. If they are, this means, they comply with SAG-AFTRA guidelines. In addition, you can contact the union for any inquiries. Find out any trade organization they are a part of. These may include Association of Talent Agents (ATA) and the National Association of Talent Representatives (NATR). Members of these organizations may be licensed. They may also be regulated by state and local agencies. If you find any unfamiliar affiliation, research about it.

Read the Submission Policy Carefully

Make sure your head shot and resume are professionally generated and up-to-date. Then, carefully read the agency’s submission policy. Some agencies prefer online submission, while others still prefer hard copies to be mailed in. Follow the instructions. If the policy ask you to not call or visit, you must not.

Send your Materials

Now that you know how the agency would like to receive communications. Therefore, print out a cover letter asking for meeting. Describe them why you are perfect for their agency. Mention what aspects of their agency interest you. You can invite them to your next performance, if possible. In that case, offer to send them free tickets. Let them know that you are actively looking for and creating opportunities for yourself. But, you would welcome their help in finding further jobs in the industry. Thanking them for their time, attach your professional head shot and resume.

Finding a talents agency is not that difficult. You just need to keep the tips in mind, and approach them correctly.